Isaiah 22: Sin and Celebration

In Vision’s valley, veiled and vast,
Catastrophe the die is cast.
The slain surrendered not by sword,
The battlements are blast and bored.
The archers shoot in shining sheets,
The blazes burn, the bosoms beat.
The horses hounding all around,
The enemies, entrenched, abound.
But you yield to your armories,
Thus trusting in war weaponry.
And in your towers touting trust,
For thrilling sights your swords you thrust.
And then you rally to your roof,
From holocaust to hold aloof.
To dance and drink, and wink and woo,
As if no slaughter sallies through.
“Be merry men, tomorrow die!
No horror to our houses hies!”
But God has called for grieving here,
To tear your cloaks and call up tears.
Repent! This waring heed with woe,
And to your God, the Giver, go.
The folk who follow His advance,
Despair He drowns in holy dance!
He hews Himself a people high,
Who celebrate His season right.
Repent, rejoice, and fast and feast:
In timely place and propered piece.
So wail and weep for sinning stain,
With clamor joy that Jesus came!

One thought on “Isaiah 22: Sin and Celebration

  1. In honor of the Advent, we’re taking a look at Isaiah chapter 22. Yeah, you know that chapter where the prophet Isaiah prophesies death and damnation on the children of Israel. What does that have to do with Advent? Here, Isaiah is critiquing the people of Jerusalem for partying for the wrong reason. They didn’t care about God’s judgment. They just wanted to have a good time before they died. Because of this, God swore that he would destroy them. In Advent we celebrate the coming of Christ. Christ is the reason that we can have joy and celebrate!

    So, you may notice this poem is a slightly different style than my other ones… I’ve been reading through the original Beowulf, and it’s given me a greater appreciation for English poetry by illustrating to me the power of alliteration!


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