Repentance? Easy, all is done,
With outward motions I can act.
My flawless mask with glitter made,
Although my heart repentance lacks.

I still revel in my sin.
Though outward I preform the law.
Like a mummer’s petty play,
And yet my soul is one great flaw.

Do I sorrow?Truly yes,
Yet even Judas did the same.
I do not grieve because I sinned,
But for the punishment that came.

Will I ask “What have I done?”
Where will this lawlessness drive me?
Lord, in my grief drive me to You,
With hyssop purge me, make me clean!

Make my way not like the fog,
That burns up in the heat of dawn.
Not like the show-man, wailing loud,
When leaves the crowd, his act is gone.

I know I’m evil! Birthed in sin!
I make excuses, shift the blame.
The superficial’s all I fix,
And when I’m done repentance claim.

The foreign cavalry won’t save.
But only Christ my advocate.
Let Him baptize my heart and mind,
Through Him I true repentance make.

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