Psalm 23: My Perfect Host

With tender care You set a feast,
Each dish exquisite, choicely laid,
With vivid symmetry set out,
No French chief rivals what You made.

This food so succulent and rich,
You serve me as my foes look on.
They can not touch me nor can eat,
From of this vibrant bounty drawn.

The richest oil You pour out,
O’er all my head You drizzle wealth.
The perfume of the fattest oil,
And herbal mix to aid my health.

My cup You fill with choicest wine,
It tastes of life that You have bought,
Your blessings fill me to the brim,
Though I can offer You but naught.

You met me with a holy kiss,
And You – my host – did wash my feet.
You feed me You: Eternal Bread,
At this, our holy wedding feast.

Your grace and goodness escort me,
And I can not exhaust Your stores.
So when this marriage is complete,
I’ll live with You forever more.

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