I Peter 1:13-16: Holy

Now start becoming holy,
Is this a simple thing?
Then tell me what is holy?
Explain, what does it mean?

Is it defined by people?
Be better than the rest?
Or else be strange eccentric,
With outward deeds obsessed?

But holy is relation,
As children of the Lord.
So all His words obeying,
With eyes on His reward.

And do not be conforming,
Yourselves to worldly sins,
From former lusts repenting,
And from your ignorance.

So then what is the standard,
That tells what holy is?
Is it not God almighty?
All holiness is His!

So let it fill your being,
Define and nurture you.
In all your life be holy,
In every deed you do.

For surely it is written,
“Be holy as I AM,”
But I can not be holy!
For I am just a man!

How can we then be holy?
Ourselves we can not mend.
But God’s almighty power,
Sustains you to this end.

The Spirit who is holy,
Who dwells in you to aid,
Our hope is in Him wholly,
So we are holy made!


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