Luke 1:1-4: Prologue — Reliable Account

As many have essayed to write an account,
Of Jesus’ deeds and rightly recount.
I also felt burdened to write one as well,
This orderly research I now start to tell,
Theophilus, excellent son in the Lord,
I pray that you may be refreshed by my word.
But how can you trust,
These words of Jesus?

These deeds are eye-witnessed and verified fact,
And each witnessed questions I carefully asked.
And I, one of many, who searched and compiled,
Have found in this message no error defiled.
Most trustworthy word that ever was written,
And any who reads with this truth will be smitten.
Most reliable,

Inerrant, divine, and historic – decreed.
Investigate then and now carefully read.
So I, as seemed fitting, began to research,
The life of Lord Jesus to death and from birth.
I interviewed those who then once with Him lived,
This book I deliberate, consecutive give.
With certainty know,
That this happened so.

On the truth of this word you may wager your life.
So then listen I start now the History of Christ.

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