Leviticus 5: Omitted, Unclean, and Careless

Let justice fall! We’re guilty all,
We do not what we ought,
Reputing what God taught,
Transgressors found and caught.

For it is sin, this omission,
The guilt of falling short,
Refusing to report,
Like partial truth in court,

Do you not see? You are unclean,
Your body wreaking vile,
Your works like stinking bile,
In death fully defiled.

You’ll be repaid, for what you say,
Your carelessness of speech,
Your blasphemies repeat,
Your lips in lies are steeped.

Be rich or poor, come to your Lord!
Accepting Christ as head,
Who cleansed you guilt and dread,
Condemning death instead.

What will atone? Not beast or bone,
The sacrifice God gave,
Salvation by His grace,
Our offering our faith.

So justice stays! My sin is paid!
O guilty man – repent!
Let justice be content,
For this, Christ’s blood was spent

2 thoughts on “Leviticus 5: Omitted, Unclean, and Careless

  1. We become guilty of sin so easily. When we study the law, we discover just how unworthy we are. We literally spread uncleanness everywhere we go simply by being a human being. God says that all our good works are as dirty rags to Him. How in the world can we hope to be saved then? Not by our good works, but by Christ’s Good Work. We are not saved by our offering to God, but God’s grace to us. We must simply repent in faith. We need not worry about sacrificing goats or pigeons to appease God’s wrath; Jesus has paid for our sins with His blood! This is the Gospel in Leviticus!


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