Psalm 18: Deliverer

Hark, hear, and listen, and attend,
I tell you of my Lord –
My Lord, my Love, Deliverer,
My rock, my saving horn.

He is my shield, he covers me,
My fort and palisade,
Yea, when I call – Oh! praise His name!
He swiftly comes to aid.

The cords of death entangled me,
The waves of pain wax high,
The grave’s cold noose comes round my neck,
And snares assault my eyes.

In panic I cried to the Lord,
I – drowning in this sea,
I called for help – to heaven prayed,
Yes, evil, wicked me.

In heaven in the temple sat,
The God of near and far,
And to His temple came my cry,
His holy ear did hear.

And so He roused Him at my cry,
In anger came he forth,
The earth did tremble, mountains quaked,
Before Him storm-clouds birth.

The brightness of His presence cloaked,
In clouds and stones of hail,
And lightning flashed in sheers of flame,
Before Him all did quail.

Jehovah spoke from heaven then,
Resounding coast to coast.
His arrows scattered all my foes,
His bolts did rout their host.

The dreadful waves he hurled back,
The earth beneath laid bare.
Before his neezings all retreats,
This power – for my care.

With great compassion God knelt down,
He pulled me from the sea,
He saved me – ugly, rebel’s spawn!
From foes too strong for me.

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