Psalm 18: My Righteousness,

God delights in me,
And towards me He will lean,
He loves me, though I’m soaked in sin.
Forgiving sin He sees.

For I am in the right,
Jehovah is my Light,
This purity He gave to me,
Is ever my delight.

You smelted out my dross,
My dirty hand’s You washed,
I call it then my righteousness,
Accepted by Your cross.

I kept your laws and ways,
Ignoring not a day,
The rules that You set our for me
That in Your courts I stay.

And when I sin, repent,
For towards your laws I’m bent,
Your sanctity transforming me,
O’er You I’ll cast my tent.

I did not cause His grace,
Nor make Him love my face,
My goodness emanates from God,
I vibrate at His rate.

For He delights in this:
That I would do His wish,
So when he hums His righteousness,
I will repeat the pitch.

To kind ones You is kind,
To blameless as Your mind,
Be sure to pure You’re also pure,
But froward you will bind.

You save the humble men,
Who turn away from sin,
Swift to deliver when we call,
But haughty eyes condemn.


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