Psalm 19: When Did We Forget?

When did we forget,
Who it was that wrote the Law?
Does our opinion count,
If we refute the word of God?

The Bible is complete.
And perfect in integrity,
It does convert the soul,
Restoring with vivacity.

When God will testify
You can trust it with your life,
If you would listen well,
It would make the simple wise.

Jehovah visits us,
His precepts hold us to account.
Their straightness gives us joy,
By them our hearts with praise will shout.

Read therefore His commands,
For they are clear, and clean, and pure.
It cleans our foggy eyes,
To walk with God in footsteps sure.

The fear of God is clean,
Enduring then forever more.
His justice too is right,
With truth together to the core.

Amidst the muse of man,
And chaos of our ordered state,
The fantasy of man,
Is but as sewage – putrid, dank.

In all our sagely thoughts,
Did we forget the Mind that made?
Devising brilliant laws,
That we reject, with pride we break.

Read His Word, O man!
Resist the scoffers prideful taunt!
Recommend His Laws!
Reflect it, serve it as you ought!


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