Psalm 19: Strength Confined

Have we confined the might,
That Scripture has by right?
Like 4 by 4’s confined,
To drive on roads defined?
To limit endless force,
Eternal though, of course,
The Word of God may be –
If so attend to me!
Why confine,
Strength divine?

Delight in all God’s Laws,
Because they have no flaws.
More valuable than gold,
More sweet than tongue has told.
So let it’s power thrill,
And all your being fill,
Until you burst with song,
For God’s words are that strong.
Why confine,
Strength divine?

But also deal with sin,
The words of God can cleanse.
Moreover, who can see
All his iniquities?
And even secret guilt,
The sins unwilled and willed?
Can we remove sin’s crutch?
But Scripture’s power is such.
Why confine,
Strength divine?

Now also draw to Christ,
For His commands are life.
Let every word I speak,
And every thought I think,
Be always pure and right,
And pleasant in Your sight.
In God my might is placed –
The God of law and grace.
Why confine,
Strength divine?


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