Psalm 20: A Psalm of War

God will hear in evil times,
When all about contend.
Call upon the name of God,
Jehovah shall defend.
Yes, He will aid,
With strengthening,
If you have prayed,
His help to bring.

Smell then all our offerings,
God will remember them.
He will hear our hearts desire,
And cause our plans to win.
Then raise a shout!
Jehovah saves!
And round about,
Our banner raise!

For God will listen to our pleas,
And save His chosen band.
Though He is in heaven throned,
We triumph through His hand.
So we advance,
In God we trust.
Lord, see our plans,
And judge them just.

Some may trust in destriers,
The war-shod horse of gore.
But we trust in the name of God,
Remembering the Lord.
For they will fall,
But we will stand.
For God recalls,
All they have planned.

Save, dear Lord!
Yes, answer when we call.
Save, dear Lord!
For you are King of all.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 20: A Psalm of War

  1. Amos, I love your poetry. I looked up the word. So, you can teach an old dog new tricks- I mean words.

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