Leviticus 4: The Guilt Offering

As rebels we are guilty all,
And ignorance is no excuse,
But God has let His mercy fall,
To cover, clean, all our refuse.

As rebels we are all unclean,
Like lepers, outcast to despair,
Through blood our sanctity is seen,
Adopted as our judge’s heir.

So let us study well His Word,
To see His Law, and know our guilt,
To sin avoid, with good concur,
But you must know how good is built.

So listen to the Spirit’s voice,
And at His promptings quick repent.
Your brother’s, too, will show your vice,
The Word of God your measurement.

Confess your sin before the Lord,
Excusing, hiding, will bring grief.
And seek forgiveness – grace restored,
For Jesus Christ is now High Priest.

And know your sin has been removed,
For Christ for us was called unclean.
Outside the camp He died for love,
His blood He sprinkled, “You are clean.”

When guilt then shows its ugly head,
Declaring all the filth you’ve done,
Refuse to tremble, death is dead!
You are forgiven by God’s Son.


3 thoughts on “Leviticus 4: The Guilt Offering

  1. Jesus Christ died, taking our sins upon himself, as the perfect sacrifice to atone for our sin and rebellion against God. In doing so, he fulfilled the Guilt Offering that is outlined in Leviticus 4. Jesus atoned for our guilt. We can with confidence proclaim that we are not guilty. But not only is our guilt gone. In Jesus’ death, he sanctified us, or made us holy, adopting us as fellow heirs with Christ. We are set apart, and sacred to God.
    So when you feel tempted, or when the feeling of guilt tries to overwhelm you, remember this: Jesus has declared you guiltless! Jesus has declared that your sinful self is dead, and was crucified on the cross with Him. Anyone and anything that tells you otherwise is lying, and trying to make you believe a fantasy. Jesus has forgiven our sin!


  2. Hi Amos,
    I like this poem. It is encouraging to me in my journey of restoration from addiction.
    18th line, you mean grief, right?


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